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Yantai Xinhai Group is very well-known gold processing equipment manufacturer, the company's gold processing equipment exported abroad, and won the praise of customers, compared with other manufacturers in the industry I produced the gold processing equipment having high efficiency, low energy consumption, large reserves, effective, and cost advantages. I developed a flotation machine, crusher, screening machine, grinding machine and other gold mining equipment. Customers can according to their own circumstances mine, under the guidance of technical experts Xinhai, to choose their own gold processing equipment. Learn gold processing equipment and gold cyanide,gold processing machine, Xinhai gold processing equipment manufacturers welcome your advice.


Gold Processing Equipment

Gold Cyanide Process

Gold Cyanide Process
Gold Cyanide Process

Gold Cyanide Process is the use of activated carbon adsorption from cyanide-free gold recovered pulp filter cyanide CIP process, including the preparation of pulp leaching cyanide leaching, carbon adsorption, desorption of gold loaded carbon by electric shock to get the gold mud seven operational phase, from carbon recycling gold leaching pulp processing.Gold Cyanide Process applies mainly two: one is the flotation gold concentrate or amalgamation tailings re-election, and the other is muddy oxide ore.



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